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indicates that a measure was used during a specific wave.
X indicates that a PAC paper was published related to a specific measure and wave.

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Measures, Waves and References for All Sites

The waves detailed below are related to age of the youth. The ages noted for each wave are averages. "Parent" measures mean that measures were used in mother and father interviews, except for the Family Information Form, which only one parent completes.

"YCT" (Youth Computer Task) refers to a set of tasks youths complete on a computer.

*The Pubertal Development Scale was done as part of the Youth Computer Tasks during wave 6, but was done on paper during other waves.
MeasureYouth or ParentWave 1 (Age 8)Wave 2 (Age 9)Wave 3 (Age 10)Wave 4* (Age 11)Wave 5 (Age 12)Wave 6 (Age 13)Wave 7 (Age 14)Wave 8 (Age 15) Wave 9 (Age 16)
Academic IdentityYouth
Adult BehaviorsParent
Attitudes to Child's SchoolParent
Balloon Analog Risk TaskYCT
Barratt Impulsiveness ScaleYCT
Beck Depression InventoryParent
Behavior Frequency ScaleYouth
Behavior Frequency ScaleParent X
Benthin Risk Perception ScaleYCT
Chaos, Order and Hubbub ScaleYouth
Chaos, Order and Hubbub ScaleParent
Child Attachment to MotherYouth
Child Behavior ChecklistYouth X X X
Child Behavior ChecklistParent X X X X
Child-Caregiver RelationshipParent
Child Social CompetenceParent X X
Civic EngagementYouth
Digit SpanYCT
Discipline InterviewYouth X
Discipline InterviewParent X X
Early Adolescent Temperament QuestionnaireParent
Efficacy MeasuresParent X
EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Well-BeingYouth
Extended Concerns and ConstraintsParent X
Family Decision MakingYouth
Family Health HistoryParent
Family Information FormParent X X X X X X X
Family ObligationsYouth X
Family ObligationsParent X
Grit ScaleYouth
Good and Bad ThingsYCT
Health BehaviorYouth
Hostile Attribution Bias Scale for ChildrenYouth X
Hostile Rumination ScaleParent
Implicit TheoriesYouth
Implicit TheoriesParent
Index of Marital SatisfactionParent
Individualism and CollectivismParent
Knowledge, Disclosure, Control & SolicitationYouth
Life Events ScaleParent X
Life Events Scale for TeensYouth
Matrix Reasoning Subscale of the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of IntelligenceYCT
Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS)Parent X X X
NeighborhoodYouth X
NeighborhoodParent X
Normative Beliefs About AggressionYouth
Normative Beliefs About AggressionParent
Opportunities, Supports and SanctionsYouth
Opportunities, Supports and SanctionsParent
Parent-Adolescent ConflictParent
Youth PARQ/Control: Mother (Short Form) and Youth PARQ/Control: Father (Short Form)Youth X X X
Parental Acceptance-Rejection/Control Questionnaire: Parent Form (Short Form)Parent X
Parental DemandingnessYouth
Parental ModernityParent X
Parental MonitoringYouth X
Parental MonitoringParent X
Parental Support for Learning in the HomeParent
Parent Report of Child HealthParent
Parents' Attribution TestParent X
Parents' Behavior When You Were Growing UpParent
Physical PunishmentParent
Positive ParentingYouth
Positive ParentingParent
Prosocial Behavior ScaleYouth X X
Psychological ControlYouth
Psychological ControlParent
Pubertal Development Scale Youth*
School PerformanceParent X X
Sensation SeekingYCT
Social Desirability Scale – Short FormParent X
Social Information ProcessingYouth
Social SupportParent
Social Support Scale for Children and AdolescentsYouth
Spatial Working MemoryYCT
Sternberg TaskYCT
Teen BehaviorsYouth
The Delayed Discounting TaskYCT
The Future Orientation InventoryYCT
The Modified Iowa Gambling TaskYCT
The Resistance to Peer Influence ScaleYCT
The Stoplight TaskYCT
The Stroop TaskYCT
Thoughts About the FutureYouth
Tower of London TaskYCT
Views About LifeYouth
Views About LifeParent
Violence ExposureParent
Weschler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI)YCT
Word Game & FluencyYCT

*In most sites during Wave 4, an abbreviated interview was used to interview one parent only, usually the mother.

Site-Specific Measures, Waves and References

These measures were used in specific sites during specific waves. The ages that correspond with each wave are averages and "parent" measures were used in mother and father interviews.
MeasureSite(s)Youth or Parent
Community Exposure QuestionnaireKenyaParent
Positive Orientation Scale (POS)Colombia, ItalyYouth
Positive Orientation Scale (POS)Colombia, ItalyParent
Self-Regulatory EfficacyColombia, ItalyYouth